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320HID Wiring Harness for ATV/UTV Kits

The 320HID wiring harness is a great solution for ATVs/UTVs with a heavy draw on power from stereos or any low voltage issues. This wiring allows you to get power from the battery directly instead of the connector for the headlight bulb.

To use the relay wiring kit, just run the negative and positive wires to the battery terminal, plug in the connectors to each ballast, and connect the plug-and-play harness to one side of the factory headlamp connector. By doing so, you are bypassing the factory wiring to power the ballast, while using the factory headlamp switch as a on/off switch.

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For use only with Eagle Eye Lights plug-n-play HID Conversion kit
40amp relay
15amp fuse

Installation Guide

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  • Model: 320HID